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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Why do I do this to myself?

So, I figured it would be a nice feature to have the latest episode of the podcast embedded in the web page.

Initially, I did it the easy way, which would be the hard way in the long run, meaning I'd have to update the code that embeds the audio in the page every time we issued a new episode.  So I decided that I should have the page read the rss feed for the latest episode title and location.

This was a mistake.

Not because I broke the page or anything.  Initially, it was pretty easy to do, until I realized that my synchronous request was poor programming practice.

I could have been lazy and said, "yeah, well, screw it, it's my site."  But, dammit, 13 years working in IT made me realize that, yeah, that's not right. So I spent another couple of hours figuring out how to make an asynchronous request with a callback so that I would be doing it the right way.

So, the upshot is, I've spent far more of my off time programming than I would like to.  I mean, I took a vacation day this week because I was about to start losing time, and what did I spend the day doing?  Coding my fucking website.

Shoot me.  Just fucking shoot me.

Oh, and the embedded audio of the latest episode thing works.  All that work for something that will probably never be used.

Oh well. At least I learned something about asynchronous HTTP requests that I'm sure I'll forget by Monday.  Hell, I probably learned this at work at some point and have promptly forgotten it.  Why?  Because I do it so fucking often.

Fuck me.

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